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Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Today’s card is the Seven of Cups, also known as the Lord of Illusory Success. Cups represent the Element of Water which rules over the heart and matters of love, friendship, compassion, and healing, charm, beauty, entertainment, and the arts, including the Occult. Thus, while Fire is the Creative Force, Water is the emotion that inspires us to Create. All art forms use symbolism, whether through paint, music, poetry, acting, or dance, which in turn connects with the subconscious mind, where magick occurs.

This card speaks to us of mistaking physical attraction for the lasting love and affection that is needed to sustain a relationship past the beginning stages. While the necessity of physical attraction is a great mechanism for getting the ball rolling, this aspect of a relationship is not meant to withstand the test of time. Sexual desire is based in Fire and will eventually burn itself out if not refueled in order to continue to burn. This is why we use different terms to describe the stages of a relationship that also say something about the possible transient nature of the relationship as well. If you are experiencing an infatuation, you are strictly in the sex phase and are not likely to last past the initial attraction, if you are working to romance someone and get to know them you are said to be in ‘Love’ with them, and if you are considering making this person your mate, then your feelings can be described as ‘True Love’ or ‘Love of a Lifetime’. These each say something about the length and endurance of the relationship as well as the depth of intimacy that is required to achieve this status. While lust (Fire) is indeed necessary, it is in the realms of comfort (Earth), emotion (Water) and intellect (Air) that a love relationship transcends the lust phase and becomes lasting.

When practicing magick, working with the phases of the Moon and also during certain times of the day, month, season or year can also enhance your ability to ‘walk between the worlds’. This term is used to describe the glamor that is in effect one one is basked in moonlight; it eases the wrinkles and lines, shadows the imperfections and casts everyone in a soft ethereal glow. The same is also true when working within sacred space; you have, in essence, called for the the energies of the Gods and Elements to inhabit your space and the resulting glamor is evident as a result of their presence. Certain times of the year also lend themselves to being ‘between the worlds’. At twilight, midnight, and dawn, during the full moon, on the various Sun holidays, especially Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. This time has transitional or transformative energy and can be used to cast off old habits and adopt new ones.

If you are interested in sparking your current relationship or perhaps inviting one into your life you can work with illusion to attract or excite your mate. This spell is best performed on the full moon or on the three nights that the moon appears full in the sky. Steal away for a twilight walk to a small restaurant and grab dinner for two (or one), then take a moonlit stroll back to your house. If you can walk by the river or shoreline, the water will help enhance the energy already present. You can do this for up to three nights if it is convenient. This should lend just the right energy to spark your love life or to attract a future mate. Just remember that the illusory stage of the process is never permanent; it will be up to you to put in the effort required to embrace the softer side of love in order to keep or maintain it. It is the aspects of the relationship such as care, affection, and respect that will get you through times when the sex isn’t great, not the other way around.

As a predictor of future events, this card is a signal of promises broken and deals gone awry. If you are just waiting for that big deal that seemed like a great idea at the time, take another look because all is not as it seems. You have probably been led down the garden path, or you have failed to put in the work that you agreed to in order for it to be a success. This can also signal that you are being told what you want to hear by a friend or lover when, in fact, they don’t agree with you or are only in it for themselves. This relationship will seem like a good idea and may even start with a small victory or successful endeavor at first, but will fizzle out before it has the chance to become something serious.

Today, take a step back and go slow, looking at all sides of any situation before making your moves. You may just be the victim of illusion!