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Six of Air

Six of Air

Today’s card is the Six of Air (Wands), also known as Victory. In a more traditional tarot deck, the suit of Wands is used to represent the Element of Fire. However, in the Shapeshifter deck, its creators have chosen to use this suit to represent the Element of Air. Air controls matters of the mind, the intellect, learning and analytical thinking, mental health and the psyche. It also rules over dreams, third sight, psychic abilities and astral travel.

The keywords of this card are Success, News, and Advancement. Long an ancient symbol of power, strength, victory, and spiritual vigor, this large white eagle is seen soaring through the sky as it surveys all things happening below. He represents liberation that the initiate (seeker) finds when he or she frees themselves of a life strictly lived in the physical realm. We cannot realize our dreams and desires when we are shackled by strictly living without acknowledging the spiritual source that makes all things possible. We rise to new heights of success when we realign with God and Goddess and readjust our view of balance and happiness.

In the field, we see the smiling and joyful faces of a man, woman, and child all looking toward the sky; intermingled with nature (physical) but looking toward the eagle (spirit), they are living their lives according to what they they say they believe. In other words, they are ‘walking their talk’. When we do this, and we are successful, we inspire hope and determination in others that they may strive for higher, better, and more truthful goals and lives.

This card says that recent changes in your thinking and lifestyle have moved you into a position of attracting and enjoying success that has previously eluded you. News or messages are on their way that will enable you to accomplish some long-term goal. A promotion or career change for the better is on the horizon. By first connecting with your God and Goddess energy, you can rapidly make your dreams come true. If this has been a time of chaos, defeat, or disappointment for you, get ready to hit the reset button as a time of renewal now begins.

May all your dreams come true and place your feet on a path of victory, renewal, and joy!