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Seven Of Pentacles

Seven Of Pentacles

Today’s card is the Seven of Pentacles. While in the Shapeshifter deck the symbols for the suits Air and Fire have been switched from their association in the traditional tarot deck, this symbol remains the same. This card’s main theme is Growth and features the words Beginnings, Talents, and Employment. This card features a woman who is shapeshifting into the form and energy of a horse. Horses represent travel and so this card can symbolize a physical journey or a journey of the emotions, intellect, or spirit. The horse is also a symbol of guidance, companionship, protection, swiftness of movement, and overcoming obstacles. The astral form of the horse also typically represents astral travel, the ability to separate the soul from the body to ‘travel’ between the worlds, gaining insight into past, current, and future situations and events.

In this card, the woman’s arm can be seen making the transformation to horse as her hand has become hoof. Her thoughts, too, are that of the horse, frolicking in a field of wildflowers which represent renewal as they meld with her gown and the large rocks in the foreground. The spiral markings on the stones represent the ever-flowing Nature of the Universe and the inward journey that is taken to wisdom and limitless primordial power. On the woman’s face, a look of joy seems to indicate her understanding of her journey and her ability to harness her power and psychic ability for good work, She can accomplish anything while embodying this Spirit!

The divinatory meaning of this card says that opportunities will quickly be coming to you. This opportunity will offer you the chance to improve your overall lifestyle and will help you develop your occupational and spiritual talents. Take it and run with it! This should allow you to achieve success in the workplace via a promotion or new job offer. Take initiative and prepare yourself for the hard work that will be asked of you. It will pay off in the end.

May a new world of opportunity open its doors for you today!