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Seven of Fire

Seven of Fire

Today’s card is the Seven of Fire, also known as Deception. In the traditional tarot deck, The Suit of Swords represents the Element of Air but in the case of the Shapeshifter deck, these elements have been switched; the creators of this deck have used Wands for Air and Swords for Fire. Fire represents the Spirit as the fourth phase of our spiritual journey; it empowers creation, passion, and sexual desire, strength, courage, and power, purging and purity, forging and manipulation, the ‘AHA’ moment and the changing of one thing into another.

The keywords for this card are Spying, Loss Through Deception, and Wrong Choices. With only a crescent moon in the hazy sky to light the darkness, this depiction represents a darkness within the life of the individual initiate or seeker, indicating that things are not as they appear to be on the surface. Although night is typically a time of rest, here we see a fiery comment plunging toward Earth; it is a harbinger of vast and often devastating changes. The ground is very rocky and bare except for a few ferns and such growing at the base of the tree. What would normally be seen as a comforting sign is colorless and bleak, unpleasant, or even frightening based on the current series of events. A silver gray fox can be seen stalking around below the tree. Its teeth are bared and his eyes menacing as if he is in control of the hunt. He is oblivious to the shapeshifter coming up behind him. While the fox indicates someone who is involved in a somewhat shady or secretive venture, the results from this behavior will backfire; the eyes of the raccoon springing from the tree tell the true tale. The deceiver is the one who is about to be deceived; the one who has spied is spied upon.

This card warns anyone who is thinking of using deceit or trickery to get what they want the the Universe sees you and you actions will be exposed; bring disfavor and penalties down on you. Poor past choices can also come back to haunt you at this time. If this applies to your situation, own your past transgressions and face whatever responsibility you may bear. This may also indicate that you are involved with someone who is seeking to deceive you for financial gain. Open your eyes and take a look around. As the old saying goes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that no one is watching you”.

May your Karmic slate be clean and may you perceive any deception before it is too late!