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Seven of Air

Seven of Air

Today’s card is the Seven of Air (Wands), also known as Valour. In a more traditional tarot deck, the suit of Wands is used to represent the Element of Fire. However, in the Shapeshifter deck, its creators have chosen to use this suit to represent the Element of Air. Air controls matters of the mind, the intellect, learning and analytical thinking, mental health and the psyche. It also rules over dreams, third sight, psychic abilities and astral travel.

The keywords for this card are Competition, Motivation, and Intuition. The shapeshifter picture here is a griffon/woman. Part lion, part eagle, this mythical winged being, the griffon, is a creature of heraldry, signaling the approaching of spiritual messages and help. The wolfhound seen here is always on guard, waiting and watching. The shapeshifting woman has immense power and strength and merges into the wild, fertile, and magickal aspects of femininity into One. She combines the elements of the Earth and sky, manifesting her desires into tangible reality. Woven about the bottom of the card, grapevines twine about and are laden with fruit.

This card tells us to honor our vision and creativity through action. Move toward what you want! A card of drive, ambition, and motivation, valor points us toward following the synchronicity in our lives. Embrace the old saying, ‘there are no coincidences’. Like listening to and flowing with the wind, trust your intuition to lead you in the most appropriate direction to take at this time. You will be able to hold your own against negative talk, energies, and forces, or anyone that seeks to harm you or stand in your way. Even though you may experience stiff competition in your profession; courage and success will overcome those obstacles. Don’t be afraid of defending yourself and standing up for what you value.

May you feel the courage of the griffon and the attentiveness of the guardian; it will pay off for you at this time!