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Today’s Healing with the Angels card is Serenity. This term refers to a state of being that is peaceful, harmonious, and in line with divine truth. This creates presence and ease, not just physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and fills us with gratitude, compassion, understanding, and love. When this angel appears, it is telling you that you are moving into a time of inner peace and tranquility.

Peace of mind means recognizing that you are secure. Even if your logical mind is screaming fears to the contrary and cannot fathom how this can be achieved, trusting with faith that the Divine will provide a way, either steadily or in one miraculous occurrence, to support you as you walk your path. This sort of faith is challenging but necessary to being open to receiving miracles, or Magick, into your life.

Realize that you can feel serene even when things around you are going mad. Don’t wait for your life to be problem free before you start to be happy and peaceful. This exact opposite, in fact, will move you closer to serenity. First you do the work to create serene circumstances and mindsets, then your life begins to reflect those attitudes and behaviors outwardly and exponentially.

Today, allow the angels and spirit guides to work with you to actualize serenity into your life!