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Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance

Today’s Healing with the Angels Oracle card is Self-Acceptance. This card appears to let you know that you are a perfect child of the Gods and that every part of you is wonderful, powerful, and divine! I’m sure you all have heard the saying,

“You are your own worst enemy”.

And, in fact, this is true. Our inner dialogue determines how we perceive the world and how the world, the Universe, and those who live in it,  perceive us. We are constructing our reality based on our beliefs, not the other way around. We teach others how to treat us by our outward behaviors, which are driven by our inner beliefs, whether good or bad.

When we allow our inner dialogue to become negative, we are sending a message to the Universe and its inhabitants that we do not deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness. We are focused on the parts of ourselves and our life that are going wrong, thus sending that negative energy into the cosmos. When we ‘flip the script’ and begin thinking and speaking words of positivity and praise, we change that energy signature from one of attracting negative energy to one of attracting positivity. it is a simple matter of Law of Attraction. 

The angels, or spirit guides, are letting you know that it is okay to let go of negative or limiting beliefs, feelings, and actions and enjoy being YOU! View yourself as if you were a casual observer of any other person. Would you ever say the negative or demeaning things you say to yourself to another person? If your answer is OF COURSE NOT, then its time to have some love and compassion for yourself. See yourself through the eyes of Spirit, someone who is a perfectly imperfect child of God. Although you have made mistakes in the pas (and haven’t we all), there is nothing that you could ever think, say, or do that will diminish the light of your soul. The elements, the angels and guides, and the Gods and Goddesses will continue to work with you to raise you up to your highest potential. All you have to do is forgive, love, and ask!

Today, may you accept all the many parts of yourself and realize that you are a creature of Divine Light!