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Seeker of Water

Seeker of Water

Today’s card is the Eleven of Water (Cups), also known as the Seeker of Water. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card is known as the Page of Cups. While most decks picture the Page as a male figure, male and female roles have changed in the hundreds of years since the Tarot was invented in the 15th century. Therefore, the Page can be male or female. Water is the Element that is associated with all matters of the heart and the circulatory system, romantic love, friendship and compassion, gentle healing and cleansing, and the Moon which controls the tides. In the Shapeshifter deck, the Seekers come to offer insight, guidance, and assistance with personal challenges to the querent.

The keywords for this card are emotional mastery, communication, and unconditional love. This beautiful seeker is the legendary Lady of the Lake, Nimue. She acts as an Earth and Water Goddess, and the creator of rivers and lakes. She is known as the maker and keeper of Excalibur, King Arthur’s Sword, as well as teacher, student, and lover of the wizard, Merlin.This fair skinned, dark haired creature is connected to the Great Goddess by the feathers she wears; Nature is in full motion around her even though it is nighttime. Minus is shifting into a merlin, a bird of prey similar to a small falcon and thus a solar creature of astral travel.

Three trout jump from the lake at her feet forming circles and spirals, symbolic of the Goddess. On the surface of the lake is the shining moon which illuminates an ancient oak tree above her. Honeysuckle grows at her feet as well and she holds a flowering branch in her large, strong hands. Considered an Ogham with the strength of an evergreen, the honeysuckle she holds signifies flight, hidden secrets, protection, and human patterns. The blossoms themselves represent creative energy is bloom.

A young woman with an active imagination and insight is on the horizon and she is willing to help you. The Seeker of Water is a card of sacred and unconditional love, emotional longevity, and loyalty. It indicators a need to communicate your feelings, desires, and dreams in order to empower yourself and connect with the strength and wisdom of the Elemental energies and the God and Goddess. Move past ordinary reality and into Otherworldly dimensions. You have the ability to see things as they are and without distortion. You this talent when you are in observer mode to learn new methods of doing things. This card can also indicate the birth of a child or project, or it can signal a message coming your way.

May you give birth to new perspectives and new experiences today!