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Today’s Healing with the Angels card features a beautiful angel alone in a nature or wilderness setting along with the keyword ‘RETREAT’. The angel pictured here has her eyes closed and her hands are outstretched as if she is ready to accept whatever gifts might be placed there. A waterfall can be seen in the background and her feet are slightly immersed in the pond or stream that is fed by this living water. Water represents emotions as well as healing and cleansing, compassion, and love of self. Autumn trees can also be viewed in this scene, a sign that the world is getting ready to retreat into hibernation to withstand the long, harsh winter.

When this angel appears, she is telling you that now is the right time to rest and reflect before moving on to the next phase of your journey. Spend some time alone in thought, clear your mind, and focus on your truth and your priorities. Chances are that you have been trying to do too much lately and with all these many tasks to get done, you haven’t had the time to check in with your emotional buy-in or with those that impact your heart so much, your family and friends. Listen to and follow your heart wherever it leads. 

When we lead with love, the Universe and the Angels rally behind us and steer us in the right direction. The Gods and the angels speak to us through our heart. Your heart will never lead you astray as long as your intention is pure, loving, and joyful. Open yours up to whatever new truths and visions you are being sent at this time and examine how you really FEEL about them. Then, go with your gut! Know that you are being supported by the Gods and angels as long as your goal is to make the world a better place for all.

Today, may you find peace, healing, and guidance in stillness and retreat!