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Today’s card is number thirteen of the Major Arcana known as Rebirth. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card would be called Death. This raven-woman, however, embodies Rebirth as the Moon shines brightly behind her. She is the Great Transformer, representing the death of the old self in order to give birth to the new self. We must all suffer many deaths in our lives, in small ways and large, giving up our old habits and forms so that we can become something else, something hopefully greater and more wise than before. This Shapeshifter embraces the polarities of Oneness and teaches us the ancient Celtic practice of seeing our own death, not physically but metaphorically. Her vision brings peace and knowledge rather than fear and sadness. The raven is also a shapeshifter, a bird of prophecy, wisdom, death, and resurrection.

Images of a scorpion, representing survival on the earthly plane, and a beetle, symbol of eternal life, both flow beside her. The repetitive pattern of three can be seen throughout the imagines depicted here and signifies the threefold Goddess as well as the three faces that we all have; positive, neutral, and negative. The raven-woman holds a 5-pedaled red rose, symbolizing the five pointed star or pentagram. A band of roses covers her as well; these signify life and sexuality. She also clutches the death cup in her raven’s talon. A stream of water can be seen flowing from the cup over her hand. She is drinking in the moment, the eternal NOW, and bridging time by experiencing the past, present, and future simultaneously.

Rebirth is a card of transformation, perpetual change, altered states of consciousness, transmigration, renewal, and mystery. Let go of outworn habits and drink deeply from the cup of LIFE1 To be born to your higher self, one must be willing to yield the personality/ego. As you release those parts of you that no longer serve you, thank them for the lessons they have taught you. Detach yourself from them with gratitude instead of guilt. Continually dying to the old, and being reborn to greater parts of ourselves helps us to understand that the Spirit is forever reborn within us. Going beyond our cultural conditioning, this card asks us to participate in the archetypal process, creating and becoming sacred ritual. Rebirth is one of the most powerful and magickal cards in the deck if handled with wisdom and care, giving due respect to the Great Goddess.


May you transform into the beautiful butterfly that your Spirit is waiting to reveal!