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Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

Today’s card is the Queen of Wands, also known as the Queen of the Thrones of Flame. Wands represents the Element of Fire which rules over creation, passion, strength, courage, and resilience, purging and banishing of negative habits or thoughts, transformation, and transcendence, and death and rebirth. Much as in the legend of the Phoenix, Pagans generally believe in Reincarnation, the shedding of the current/former corporeal body by the Soul at the linear end of the lifespan only to be reborn into a new corporeal body to continue the journey of Ascendence. This notion is supported by the scientific fact that energy cannot be destroyed, only converted into different forms. In this way, we also grow as individuals, shedding our old selves daily to grow into a new and better version of ourselves in the process. Just like a butterfly, we are all transforming.

In addition to the standard meaning associated with the suit of Wands, Fire also rules over family relationships. Today’s court card encourages us to work on disputes with family members. In conjunction with the Two of Swords, my card from earlier today, this is a good indication that the time has come to heal all familial wounds that still exist. Family ties often run deeper than a single lifetime; in fact, many cultures throughout history and around the globe have traditions that includes looking over a new born infant to see if they bear the ‘marks’ of their forebears. These birth ’marks’, moles, dimples, etc… would be seen as a sign that he or she had returned to the bosom of the family which they had left behind during their death. Oddly, the ‘marks’ looked for by the Eskimos are remarkably alike to those handed down by the Brits over centuries. This is one of the reasons why family members can be more easily hurt, and forgiven, by those they love; they are tied together not just by blood but by Spirit as well.

As with any court card, the Queen of Wands can represent an actual person. This would be a woman in her forties or fifties with red hair, green eyes, and a temper to match! If you have been having trouble with a mother figure in your life, now is the time to reach out and offer an olive branch. Even though she may seem to hard-lined, she is just simply waiting for you to be truly regretful of the rift that has existed between you. She is, after all, always acting in your best interest (even when her opinions haven’t been asked for or appreciated) and there should be no question as to the level of respect she deserves. She knows that she’s a bit too bossy sometimes, but she doesn’t appreciate you telling her so. Once she sees you make a real effort, her heart will melt and you will be back in her good graces before you know it!

On the flip side, this woman could be convinced that she has nothing wrong! If you are not truly sorry, or if this person is so domineering or obstinate that you can never be ‘right’, don’t work yourself up over the whole thing. Unfortunately, some people never see that it is their own stubbornness and sense of ‘right-ness’ that has created the problem to begin with. Just stick to your guns but be as diplomatic and non-confrontational as possible. With no harm, go forth and leave this person to figure out how to meet you half way. That’s all you can really do!

May you be blessed with reconciliation of family differences as you go into the Yule season!