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Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Today’s card is the Queen of Swords, also known as the Queen of the Thrones of Air. Swords represent the Element of Air which rules over the mind and intellect, logic, wisdom, knowledge, and Magick. It also rules over all forms of communication, including spell casting and divination in all its forms. Air also rules over astrology as this system uses mathematics and alphabetical symbols to gain knowledge of the planets and how their movements affect us here on Earth. This Element also controls our intuition, insight, psychic ability, and third sight. It enables us to see what cannot be seen by normal means.

Some view this court card as a bad omen and she is often referred to as the Black Widow as is the Queen of Spades in a traditional deck of cards. Her symbol is the spider and for this reason, she has picked up a reputation that is unwarranted. The spider is a creature that is sacred to both Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom in the Greek pantheon, and also of the Goddess Sophia, referred to as the Holy Spirit by Gnostic Christians and canonized by the Catholic Church in approximately 137 A.D. She is now known as Sophia the Martyr, one of the four saints, Wisdom, Hope, Faith, and Charity. Therefore this card is a representation of wisdom. Wisdom differs from knowledge in that it implies knowledge gained from experience or from having walked in the shoes of another. Thus, wisdom is not handed out by Spirit very often as it needs to be earned by those worthy enough to uncover it.

This card speaks to us of the nature of life; things happen for a reason. Unfortunately, that reason often eludes us in the moment that it is occurring. Our perspective is too close to see the ‘big picture’ until the situation has resolved itself Only then are we able to gain the wisdom that the lesson was teaching us. Sometimes, however, if we seek the wisdom of the Goddess, specifically Athena or Sophia, they may shed some light on a situation that is puzzling you. Try meditating as you chant the name of either Goddess in mantra-style, then see if some wisdom comes to you either in dreams or in a roundabout way through normal channels.

The court cards often speak to us of actual people. For some this card may represent an older woman with blond hair and blue or hazel eyes. She will be poised, confident, and have a well defined but subtle dress sense. This woman sees beyond the minutia of every situation to what is that the heart of a matter. If she offers you advice, don’t be afraid to follow it. She will be on target.
On the flip side, for some this woman showing up today could be an artful manipulator who is only feeding into your situation to bring others down to her own level. She is in a state of misery and doesn’t like to go it alone. You probably already know this person; don’t take anything they say to heart. Do your thing and let wisdom be your guide!

May you make wise choices as you go throughout your day today!