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Queen of Disks

Queen of Disks

Today’s card is the Queen of Disks (Pentacles), also known as the Queen of the Throne of Earth. Disks represent the Element of Earth which rules over our physical and material lives. Thus it rules over growing things: gardening, farming, animal husbandry, also construction and other forms of physical labor, physical health, child rearing, and the weather. It also rules over the practical side of creating and maintaining a home, finance, budgeting, banking, and business ownership.

This Queen is the ruler of all material matters and her Throne, much like the throne of all the Queens in the deck, is really a term referring to her magickal sigil. This sigil, or runic symbol, can be carved into candles, drawn on hand written spells, or lit on fire when written on paper as a means of activating her magick. This sigil was not to be used lightly for she is not only the ruler of material success but also fertility. The art of procreation falls under her purview as well and must be kept in balance for all to benefit from the use of her magick. When the search for physical gratification comes before or without being linked to affection, someone always loses. In this way, the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Disks are seen as sisters of love magick. In conjunction with each other, they form the basis for happy relationships. Separately, they can be a bit tricky.

This Queen, much like the other court cards in the deck, is here to tell us of a person arriving in our lives. She will be older, in her 40-60s, with (once) dark hair and eyes. For some, this person will be quiet, charming, intelligent and truthful, a pleasant presence in their day. She enjoys the good things in life and is willing to share them generously with others and she always makes you feel comfortable and loved. She makes you wish you knew more about her because each time you see her, she reveals another fascinating side of herself that has remained hidden until now. She may just pop in and out of your day or life, but she will bring joy and abundance with her when she does so.

On the flip side, for some this woman will be one that spends when she can’t afford it, and tightens the reigns when a few bucks could go a long way. She is so linked with her financial self that her health and happiness are driven by THINGS; she also views people in this way as well, thinking that a gift or ‘pay-off’ will re-ingratiate her into your favor once she has ignored or hurt you in some way. This ‘money fixes everything’ attitude is her worst enemy for it alienates those who could be of benefit to her in many ways, not all of them financial. Don’t let this Debbie Downer get you in a tiff; she will have to work out her own value system before you can crack through her faulty logic.

Today, may you be gifted with a sense of balance between affection and physical gratification for those you call lover and mate and may love always be your guiding star!