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Princess of Wands

Princess of Wands

Today’s card is the Princess of Wands, also known as the Princess of the Shining Flame and Rose of the Palace of Fire. Wands represent the Element of Fire which rules over creation, passion, strength, courage, and resilience, purging and banishing of negative habits or thoughts, transformation, and transcendence, and death and rebirth. Much as in the legend of the Phoenix, Pagans generally believe in Reincarnation, the shedding of the current/former corporeal body by the Soul at the linear end of the lifespan only to be reborn into a new corporeal body to continue the journey of Ascendence. This notion is supported by the scientific fact that energy cannot be destroyed, only converted into different forms. In this way, we also grow as individuals, shedding our old selves daily to grow into a new and better version of ourselves in the process. Just like a butterfly, we are all transforming.

This cards teaches us of Samadhi. This term is used in several Eastern faiths including Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism, to describe the non-dualistic state of consciousness that exists when the experiencer becomes as one with the subject of the experience. One of the ways to do this is to practice mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation allows the practitioner to observe their inner thoughts and emotions without reacting to them, allowing one to be in a state of Presence with all that IS as that moment. During this state, one can discover many things about their personal inner truth, allowing them to make decisions that are in line with, or in the best interest of, their higher calling.

Generally speaking, meditation in all its forms allows the body, mind, and spirit to reset itself to the natural rhythms of the Earth and the Universe; the heart rate slows, breathing deepens, internal dialogue slows or stops, and the Chakras attune themselves to their vibrational norms. As you develop your meditative skills, do not scold yourself for lack of focus or concentration. The mind is a tricky thing to train and thoughts will always come into your process. One of the ways you can direct this is through the use of mantras, tricking the brain into forcing out all that dialogue by replacing it with one word or short phrase that is repeated over and over again until the silence in your mind allows you to forget to repeat it. In those moments of stillness, other pictures and/or messages will present themselves. This is why it is important to observe those thoughts and images without feeling a need to act on them immediately. Allow them to form, observe them as a part of you (Samadhi), then send them away again. This will allow you to sort mental chatter from the messages that are coming from Source (the Divine).

As with all court cards, the Princess can represent a younger woman in your life today. She would have red hair and green eyes and would be a force of Nature. This woman is ambitious, a self-starter and highly motivated. Although she speaks with candor, thus allowing you to see her character, she does so with affection and finesse, being careful not to offend even when she is making suggestions for improvement. Look for this person to brighten up your day and be a catalyst for new ideas.

On the flip side, if you see this red-head coming your way and you cringe, you can be certain she is the evil twin of the woman in the previous paragraph. She is known as a manipulator, throwing fits of rage or crying jags to get her own way. She is at heart an actress that must take center stage and will be fickle, even cruel, in getting herself in the limelight. She is also likely not to show any sympathy for those she trods on as she views others as being at fault for her lack of recognition. Look out for this one and keep your secrets close to your chest.

May you find time in your busy day to shut your eyes and be PRESENT today!