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Prince of Wands

Prince of Wands

Today’s card is the Prince of Wands, also known as the Prince of the Chariot of Fire. Wand represent the Element of Fire which rules over creation, passion, strength, courage, and resilience, purging and banishing of negative habits or thoughts, transformation, and transcendence, and death and rebirth. Much as in the legend of the Phoenix, Pagans generally believe in Reincarnation, the shedding of the current/former corporeal body by the Soul at the linear end of the lifespan only to be reborn into a new corporeal body to continue the journey of Ascendence. This notion is supported by the scientific fact that energy cannot be destroyed, only converted into different forms. In this way, we also grow as individuals, shedding our old selves daily to grow into a new and better version of ourselves in the process. Just like a butterfly, we are all transforming.

This card appears to teach us about the Akashic Records. These records are kept by the Prince of Wands, or his counterpart in various other religions around the world, as energy signatures, memories of past and current life experiences that affect our journey toward wholeness, ascension, and Karma. When we act in a manner that is outside of the True Will, and our own inner truth, we create a negative energy pattern that follows us throughout our lifetimes until we REAL-ize what exactly we need to learn to move on from this pattern. This it to say that, if we are experiencing a block in our current lives, it may, in fact, be linked to our past lives’ transgressions.

For example, in a past life you may have been a blowhard, intolerant, cruel to your family and underlings as you bossed everyone about to do your bidding. Now, in this present incarnation, you find that you are the target of a nagging wife, disrespectful children, and work for an overbearing boss. This is probably a result of your past Karma. If you feel the victim and do not recognize that your attitude is part of the solution to the problem, that we teach people how to treat us, then you are destined to repeat this lesson over again until we get it right.

While accessing the Akashic records is difficult even for the most adept practitioners, an individual who seeks their own records will most certainly be stopped at the door. Viewing traumas from your current past is hard enough, but viewing them from your past lives can be equally difficult for the logical mind to deal with since there is no way to change what happened so long ago. There is rarely a reason to view these past lives for the lesson that you need to embrace is affecting this current one. Thus, channeling your energy into the pursuit of the True Will, and that of your own inner truth, can definitely be the key to unlocking these lessons through dream state or meditation. If you are feeling stuck, try keeping a dream journal for a while. This, combined with listening to your internal dialogue, should aid in discovery.

For some, this card can also indicate the presence of a man in our lives, one with red hair and green or hazel eyes. This gentleman will be generous, noble, driven by the desire to succeed and often possessing an entrepreneurial streak. Even though he is good at his work and his word, he is also driven by success and tends to value it more than the people that work under his guidance. This attitude often alienates people because they don’t feel as if their concerns are being heard or validates. If you recognize this person, take a step back and remind yourself that his bullish attitude is not about you at all, but rather his drive for success and gain.

May your eyes be open to the Greater lessons that life has to teach you today!