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Today’s card is number Seven of the Major Arcana, known as Power. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card would be known as The Chariot. The Major Arcana shows us the various phases, or lessons if you will, of the spiritual journey. There is a natural progression from The Fool, who represents innocence, naivety, and the beginning of a matter, to Oneness (The World), when one realizes that they are an integral part of the Universe and that all living things are linked by Spirit. In the case of the Shapeshifter deck, there will be 81 cards rather than 78; the creators of this deck have added three additional cards that have significance in the Gwyddonic Druid Tradition which they practice. Note that moving through the phases of the Major Arcana doesn’t complete your journey. The concepts continue to present themselves to you at ever deeper levels as they spiral in and out of your journey.

The keywords of this card are Success, Change, and Balance, and it speaks to those individuals who achieve greatness by understanding that true power is gained by tapping into the Divine. The tiger/man moves at full speed across a shallow river during the height of the noonday sun. A strong and powerful shapeshifter, he is also a child of the powers of water; he realizes that he has the ability to reflect on that which is ‘above’ and that which is ‘below’. His tiger mouth is open wide as he becomes the vehicle of the man’s consciousness and together they are polarized as one entity, reflecting one another. He is the most powerful predator on Earth and as he leaps through the water, he charges beyond the boundaries of ordinary reality, pushing the envelope into multi-dimensional awareness.

This shapeshifter is traveling through the sands of time; it stretches from incarnation to incarnation as radiant light surrounds him. As though the flames of the Sun have converted themselves into spiritual energy, his hands rise up in ecstasy toward the bright yellow sky. Behind him stands a sphinx; this lion/woman represents mercy and justice as both the virgin and the lion. She symbolizes the great riddler and knows the secrets of the Universe, secrets that are supposedly hidden underneath the Sphinx herself. This knowledge is available to everyone willing to tap into it.

As with the Chariot, this card can signify travel, movement, or a change of scenery. A card of expanded spiritual ability and personal evolution. Power represents your ability to do many things simultaneously. Allow yourself to blend your cosmic and earthly powers while understanding the boundless nature of existence. Power is all about overcoming our fears and symbolizes the universal truths of change, causation, and strength of will. This card suggests a time of personal centering and balance, integrating actions with contemplation.

May you go far today whether literally or in your level of understanding and Power!