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Today’s card is Oneness, number twenty-four of the Major Arcana. This card is also known as the World in a more traditional tarot deck. The Major Arcana shows us the various phases, or lessons if you will, of the spiritual journey. While some my attempt to skip the individual steps of this journey, there is a natural progression from The Fool, who represents innocence, naivety, and the beginning of a matter, to Oneness (The World) when one realizes that they are an integral part of all living things in the Universe and that we are all linked by Spirit. In the case of the Shapeshifter deck, there will be 81 cards rather than 78; the creators of this deck have added three additional cards that have significance in the Gwyddonic Druid Tradition which they practice. Note that moving through the phases of the Major Arcana doesn’t complete your journey. The concepts continue to present themselves to you at ever deeper levels as they spiral in and out of your journey.

This card pictures various members of the human and animal families all together in a global format. The globe itself represents the world-soul and wholeness. This interconnectivity with all things in Nature is what each spiritual seeker is working to attain. Each human here is of varied ages and races, letting us know that all people, regardless of race, age, locality or culture is equally able to access this connection with the Divine, shifting from our physical limitations and shapeshifting (transforming) into the beings at their highest potential. Seeds of growth, inspiration, and cosmic energy float around the figures in this scene, awaiting those who would put them to use to better themselves and those around them. Below the globe is the Moon in its various phases. This serves to remind us of the power of deity and design, but also of spiritual discipline and initiation. At the top of the card are the outstretched talons of a hawk, ancient symbol of soul transformation and life cycles. The Great Father (hawk) and Great Mother (Moon) are encircling us always, protecting us, supporting, guiding, and guarding each step of our journey on the path to enlightenment. Great white feathers, symbolic of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess who weighs the soul for Truth, represent that all of us are interconnected within the circle of life; that many paths lead to the same place (unless corrupted by man), and that we all struggle with the same problems and questions, regardless of our beginnings.

Oneness tells us that we are at the end of a cycle and that reward, success, and completion are on the horizon. This victory will open new spiritual doors and lead to the next phase of our cosmic development.

May your victory come swiftly and your awareness produce a more profound joy in your heart!