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One of Earth

One of Earth

Today’s card is the One of Earth (Pentacles), also known as The Garden. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card would be the Ace of Pentacles or Disks. Earth rules over home, hearth, and family, job, finance, and prosperity, and physical health and well being, birth, death, and rebirth. While all other Elements are at play in this process, our journey must be based on solid footing, on roots firmly placed in the Mother, if we are to grow and be healthy.

The keywords for this card are Success, Prosperity, and Pleasure and the Ace of each suit if considered the Root/Foundation of a particular element and always represents it in its purest form. The garden seen here is one of both earthly beauty and spiritual delight. The initiate (seeker) is reminded of the renewal and rebirth as the brightness of the lilies, marigolds, and sunflowers swirl in and out of the design. The man’s and woman’s faces represent happiness as the leaves fall around them and the fruit above their heads, hanging from the Tree of Life, signify the power of regeneration.

Beside the woman’s face is the half-merged figure of a cat; this cat symbolizes healing and resourcefulness. Next to the man is a snake; they are merging to remind us of both beginnings and endings. Both animals are symbols of independence and the search for hidden knowledge. Sprial-marked stones lie in the foreground; these symbolize the Divine Center. This tells us that each initiate (seeker) must walk the spiritual path inward before the path, and the rewards of having walked it, can return to the outside physical world. A butterfly, representing the resulting transformation of personality and life, flutters overhead while a heron, flies overhead. He signifies waiting patiently for results and gaining the self confidence necessary to handle any personal problems that may arise.

This card says that we are now in a position to reap the results of all the positive efforts we have been putting forth. If unattached, this card can fortell a new relationship on the horizon; if you are already in a relationship, it should get stronger during this time. Either way, this is a positive card and success and material gain are at hand.

May you reach out and grab the rewards that the Earth has for you today and always!