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Nine of Swords & Lust for Life

Nine of Swords & Lust for Life

Yesterday I realized that I had only two card left in the spread I laid out 77 days ago when I started this journey. As I pulled the card, the Nine of Swords, also known as the Lord of Cruelty, I was not ‘feeling it’. First of all, Christmas Day is one of those times that is ‘between the worlds’, having gained the energy of millions of people’s love, faith, and hope all poured forth for one moment in time, allowing miracles, Magick, to occur. Secondly, the theoretical principle behind this card deals with numerology and its ability to be used as a form of magick. The field of numerology is one that could barely to be explained in a volume all its own. And, as it sounds, this card is not a ‘fountain of joy’, ncongruent to the day. Therefore, I waited until the day after Christmas and pulled the last card as well. Sometimes in a reading you need a second card to clarify the first, and so it was with this one.

The final card of this deck was number Nine of the Major Arcana, Lust for Life, also known as the Daughter of the Lord of Truth. This card has to do with persistence more than anything. What is it that causes a person to continue forward in the face of adversity, illness, confusion, or disarray? Lust for Life! We are the product of our experiences. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all part of who we are, of our character and ability to hang on when there is no reason to do so. It is the ability to rise above, to encounter adversity and want and loss and learn to be better for it, that makes us strong and allows us to connect with our True Self.

Some believe that placing their feet on the path of faith, of learning to wield Magick to effect change, to pray earnestly, will result in the desired end. The Truth is…No magick can eliminate the human experience. The truth is that being a Magician, one who effectively wields Magick, is a pleasant day-dream, just like becoming an NFL player or Iron Chef is a pleasant day-dream. But the reality is that it takes a combination of natural ability and persistence, practicing daily to hone and perfect your skill, that makes for success in any field of endeavor. Usually, within the first year, most who discover the path of Magick find that it is not as fun-filled as they thought it might be and that actual work and commitment are required to learn the principles and techniques that make a competent magician. Sometimes it is not the Magick itself, but the act of living in a mundane world that interferes with our path to enlightenment. The Universe has a funny way of ‘culling the herd’; only those with persistence and determination will lead a life that succeeds at all levels of development, physical, emotional, intellectual, and finally spiritual. Those few will be given the keys to ultimate knowledge. However, along the way, we will be given opportunity to embrace the Light. It is up to us to make the most of all that life has to offer and we will be rewarded for our efforts in balanced measure to our trial and dedication.

Of course, the Divine Spirit is also able to intercede in spite of our best effort to sabotage ourselves. This type of unsolicited aid generally comes as a gift from the Universe to awaken the spirit of the recipient or because the time of this person’s usefulness has not come to and end; this usually comes in the form of healing but can also come as a ‘miracle’ job, a reconciliation, or some other event that seems to have been impossible to bring about on our own. Intention is the key to activation when it comes to magick; learning to eliminate our own self-defeating internal dialogue and make a ‘LEAP of FAITH’ is the part that differentiates a magickal act from a mundane one. Just remember that when you ask for magickal results, you will get an answer. It is the INTENT that directs the nature of those results. Balance in all things is key to maintaining the long term energy and enthusiasm that is necessary to grow as a spiritual being. Living a life that is immersed in the Elements of Nature and the walking the journey that aligns with the True Will of the Divine is hard work but totally worth it!

These two cards when combined tell a story of loss, illness, pain, or suffering, often at the hands of others in the form of cruelty or malicious behavior. It also speaks to us of clinical levels of depression and thoughts of suicide. This is usually due to the person who has given up FAITH; faith in something that is greater than the pain they are feeling, deeper than the caverns of their emotions, and that offers a brighter future walked on a path of enlightenment. These individuals have lost their way, their LUST FOR LIFE, and need to see through the darkness to a place where they can put their feet back on the path to the Divine. The way to healing and emotional wellness is finding your way back to the part of yourself that values LUST FOR LIFE, by being persistent in the face of adversity and allowing the Light to permeate the darkness that has taken over your life. For some, this will require counseling while for others, a decision needs to be made to take the first step back to a path that is brighter and healthier than the one you are on. The Gods are there, waiting for you to ask them for help. They will meet you on your path and embrace you as a creature of Light!

If this applies to you, reach out! There are people that love you and can help you through this dark time in your life. If you are blessed with a happy and enlightened path, reach a hand back and help someone else find their footing on the path to enlightenment. It is up to us to aid each other in the act of ascension, and as we do, the Universe will bless us in immeasurable ways!

Blessings to you and all those you touch on this day and all the days to come!