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Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

Today’s card is the Nine of Wands, also known as the Lord of Strength. Wands represent the Element of Fire which rules over creation, passion, strength, courage, and resilience, purging and banishing of negative habits or thoughts, transformation, and transcendence, and death and rebirth. Much as in the legend of the Phoenix, Pagans generally believe in Reincarnation, the shedding of the current/former corporeal body by the Soul at the linear end of the lifespan only to be reborn into a new corporeal body to continue the journey of Ascendency. This notion is supported by the scientific fact that energy cannot be destroyed, only converted into different forms. In this way, we also grow as individuals, shedding our old selves daily to grow into a new and better version of ourselves in the process. Just like a butterfly, we are all transforming.

This card speaks to us about our physical health. While the diagnosis of illness is affected by Sun energy, putting all things into the light, the healing of illness falls under the Moon. Thus, from an astrological standpoint, many cultures believed that the Moon’s position on your chart when you were afflicted with an illness can predict how long the illness will last and how severe it will be. It was once believed that any illness that began under a Water moon would be over rather quickly while those that began under a Fire moon would be difficult to shake. This is all conjuncture now but would be interesting to note as one deals with colds, flu, etc…

In this day and age, one has only to seek out the advice of a doctor to learn the cause of most common ailments. This knowledge and the availability of over-the-counter medications have made treating illness a rather common occurrence. There is certainly truth to the old adage, ‘We are what we eat’ and drink and smoke and so on… Preventive medicine is worth a lot in the grand scheme of things. However, should you find yourself in need of a goo healing spell, doing one under a new moon should ensure that you have extra energy on your side. As the Full Moon is on December 2nd, that means NOW! This card is always an indicator that you are strong enough to get well from whatever ails you. Just remember not to doubt that healing is on its way or it will slow the process.

May you be as healthy as a horse today and always!