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Nine of Earth

Nine of Earth

Today’s card is the Nine of Earth (Pentacles), also known as Success. This Element is the base of the Minor Arcana and rules over home, hearth, and family, job, finance, and prosperity, and physical health and well being, birth, death, and rebirth. In working our way through the lessons of the tarot, we discover that the human journey starts in this Element as we learn to feed and clothe ourselves, care for ourselves through continence and hygiene, and to communicate our needs to others by relating our thoughts and emotions including love, pain, fear, and joy. While all the other Elements are always at play in this process as well, our journey must be based on solid footing, on roots firmly placed in the Mother, if we are to grow and be healthy.

The keywords of this card are Oneness, Prosperity, and Advancement. In this scene, two riders are leading cattle through rocky terrain. In the lead is a woman mounted on a white mare; on her cloak is the image of a white unicorn. A fabulous and magickal creature, the unicorn symbolizes prosperity, success, and purity of thought, a kind of purely directed thought that can accomplish anything. At her side is a man dressed in black riding a black steed. On his cloak a boar can be seen, an ancient Celtic emblem of protection, power, and fertility, the mind constantly open to fertile thoughts of growth. The horses signify stamina, strength, and freedom; they appear to move with confidence through the barren landscape, a dry and unfruitful time in life. However, a tiny stream can be seen on this card as well as a few strands of vine cascading down the nearby wall. This tells us that even though the present landscape may be bare, the future is full of growth and potential.

With this card, the first signs that a rough patch is over should start to appear. This leaves for a successful time ahead; goals, plans, and dreams can now be fulfilled. Balance your incoming success and prosperity with spiritual study. This marks a time of feeling and understanding the Oneness between all forms of Creation.

As the sun peaks out today, may it shine on the beginning of a time for growth and prosperity.