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Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Today’s card is the Nine of Water (Cups), also known as Sustenance. In the Shapeshifter Tarot, as in other traditional decks, the Element of Water represents the emotions and matters of the heart, love in all its forms, friendship and compassion, gentle healing, and all matters concerning blood, the circulatory system, and menstrual flow. Water also represents bodies of water, all underwater creatures and amphibious creatures, ships and travel by sea, beaches, seashells, and seaweed. It comes sometimes in waves and storms, crashing into us with force and overwhelming us if we let it. It is also where the Moon resides and whose power affects the tidal flow of the Earth itself.

The keywords for this beautiful card are satisfaction, growth, expansion, and harmony. Pictured here is a Goddess appearing out of the living water of a lagoon from which a great sea eagle-woman shapeshifter rises. Pouring from the feathers, talons, and arms of the shapeshifter is water representing droplets of limitless energy. In the background, the water melds and merges with the sky symbolizing the precept, ‘As above, so below’. Tree of protection and knowledge stand on the sandy shoreline and the beach is covered in oyster shells, some open, others closed.

This is a card of success, growth, material gain, opportunity and happiness. Things right now are working well on all fronts; your job is providing a decent living, you are in good physical health, and your sex life ain’t bad either. If this applies to you, then these facts will produce a level of access to emotional growth and creativity. When each lower element (earth) is in balance, the one next to it (water/air) has a chance to stretch its wings. At this time, share yourself with those important and special in your life in big ways; it’s these relationships that elevate your experiences and create a cycle of self knowledge, gratitude, and recognition of the Divine presence in your life. This will reinforce your feeling of being provided with Sustenance on all levels.

May you find yourself among the lucky and blessed today and always!