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New Love

New Love

Today’s Healing with the Angels card is New Love. Whether it is a new love or the rekindling of your old flame, this card is a sign from the Universe that a new infusion of Divine Love is making its way into your life. If you are searching for a new love interest, this is a smile from the angels and Gods letting you know that the energies are now ripe for that to unfold. This will inspire great happiness for both partners because the new or renewed relationship will not follow the patterns of the past, but will find  a new and better way for sharing love with each other.

Be open to the changes in dynamic that your love relationships are experiencing at this time. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. With an adjustment in how you perceive relationships, and an openness to a new experiences, we exchange the patterns of previous dissatisfaction with fresh patterns, energies, and desires. If you are currently involved in a relationship, your dynamic is changing now, too. Don’t be afraid to look at your partner with a fresh eye; there is always someone who would be happy to stand in your shoes and good relationships are based on renewed effort over time, not a strong start and weak finish. Get behind this energy and give your love life some pizazz! It will pay off more quickly than you think.

Notice the cute little cherubs in this scene. Like Cupid, they are angels of love, shooting arrows in your heart. However, they are also shooting something else! LOL! If you have been thinking of starting or enlarging your family, this is a nod from the Gods that now is the time for that. If you are NOT looking to become a parent, be sure you are taking the necessary precautions.

Today, may the arrows of Cupid and the angels find their way into your heart and life!