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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Today’s Healing with the Angels card is New Beginnings. If there were ever signs from the Universe, this card is one for me especially. Big things are coming down the pike for Baba Yaga’s Hut in the very near future and I couldn’t be more excited for this blessed energy to be entering my life at this time! Pay close attention to this page in the month of July (and always!) to see the reveal of what is next for our community.

This angel flies into your life to signal a fresh start. A clean slate is being presented to you at this time as you encounter fresh opportunities and novel experiences. Embrace new people, places, and projects. The angels and Spirit know that change can be frightening and they are here to help you. When you feel challenged, call upon them and your guides to open yourself to different ideas and situations. They will show you what you need to know and wrap you in loving and healing energy.

Sometimes we hang on to old routines and habits because they are familiar. But sameness doesn’t spur growth; only when we stretch out of our comfort zone do we reach our full potential. Ask yourself,

‘In what areas of my life have I been settling rather than pushing my boundaries?’

Take a look at what habits or thoughts are no longer serving you at this time and kiss them good-bye. Have gratitude for all these routines as they have supported you in the past. However, it is now safe to let them go and trust in the Gods and angels to replace them with new energies, increased awareness, and heightened magickal ability.

Today, may you make a fresh start and see how far you can go when you trust in the Light!