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Today’s Healing with the Angels card is Nature. This beautiful nature angel has come to ask us to spend more time connecting with the natural world. Spending even a few minutes a day in Nature, whether it be our backyard, a local park, or simply walking to and from the convenience store, is vital to restoring all aspects of ourselves to their natural state. In this scene, we see our angel’s feet and legs surrounded in vines, as if she is becoming part of the Earth itself, and she is gazing at her reflection in a mirror made of natural materials as she decorates the tree from which it hangs with windflowers. From the serene look on her face, you can see that she is well and joyful in this natural place. She has not strayed far from shelter (protection), which can seen in the right corner, She is safe in reconnecting with the elements and aligning herself with the Universe.

The human heart resonates at the same frequency as the Earth itself. Placing your bare feet on the ground and breathing in fresh air resets your heart’s rhythm to that frequency and lends calm, clarity, perspective, and relativity to our otherwise busy lives. We are, after all, just another animal living on this planet and when permanently caged, within our homes, our workplaces, or our vehicles, we begin to feel cut off from the collective. Dis-ease, a state of constant pressure or stress, becomes our norm, leading to health issues of not only the body but the mind and the soul as well. Immersing ourselves in nature is one way to combat this unwell state and achieve inner balance.

This card can also indicate that. More rural setting might be to your liking. If you have been thinking of moving from the city to a more country-like setting, the angels are letting you know that now is the right time. Also, is you love dirty nails, working with animals, or volunteering in your local community to clean up garbage or work a communal garden, the Gods are giving you a big thumbs up! You can also try animal communication, such as horse whispering, and feel supported as you learn this skill.

Today, go outside, put your toes in the grass, breathe in the air, and look around you! You are part of a miracle in the making and spending time everyday in Nature will help you remember.