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Meditation and Power

Meditation and Power

Today’s Healing with the Angels card is a two-fer. Because of yesterday’s dash to pack, drive, arrive, set-up, and fall down, in addition to the lack of internet availability, I was unable to post until this morning. However, as always, the Universe works to align these happenings for the edification of us all. Therefore, this combo is especially powerful! 

The card for Wednesday is Meditation. This card tells us to slow down, quiet the mind and listen for the guidance that the angels and Spirit want to send you at this time. The more you relax your mind, the more open you will be to receiving this guidance. Rather than chasing these messages, Tell yourself that this form of communication is natural for you and open your mind and heart to the sign and symbols that are already coming to you. Spend at least 5 minutes in the morning in silent meditation before beginning of the hustle and bustle. Breathe in, then out, and repeat. Wait for the signs to come and don’t lose patience. When availableYour soul remembers how to if your mind will stop getting in the way.

As it connects to the card for today, Power, this indicates the preparation needed in or to step into your power. Now is the time for you to step into your power and the angels and Universe are sending you a big HELL YES! Your power is being supported as it comes from a state of love, and thus is aligned with the higher Truth of the Divine. Allow yourself to begin to express your power; you are safe to step into it at this time and the spirit guides and angels will teach you what you need to know as you become more outward in your expressions. 

When these cards combine, they tell us that we will be guided into our power through meditation and vision. Carve out the time to meditate at least once a day. Repetition is the key to allowing yourself to sink deeply into a meditative State morning quickly and fully. Start with some Mindfulness meditation to hone this skill. Then, step into the Light and show your Divine Power!

Today, may you find the value of meditation as a tool for the personal empowerment.