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Lugh, God of Fire

Lugh, God of Fire

Today’s card is number Thirteen of Fire (Swords), also known as the God of Fire (Lugh). This card is traditionally known as the Queen of Wands (Fire) in other tarot decks and represents the second highest court card in the suit to which it belongs. The Celtic God Lugh is also known as Lleu, Lug Samildananch (The Many Skilled), the Shining One or the Fair-Haired One. A Sun god, and also a God of Heroes/Heroic Actions, he is still celebrated in an early harvest festival known as Lughnasaadh or Lunasa, held each year on or about August 1st. While the reavers pictured here represent him in both Ireland and Wales, the Welsh also associate the White Stag as being of Lugh as well. His legendary skills were numerous and included all of the arts and handcrafts as well as authority over magick (the occult arts), reincarnation, martial arts, healing, prophecy, and initiation.

In this image he is seen shapeshifting into a white wolf, symbolic of strength, cunning, and great intelligence. The antlers of the great white Stag represent the Tree of Life, and He is holding a staff that intermingles with the antlers of the stag. In Celtic lore, this magickal creature was one who led those worthy into the Otherworld where they gained great insight. The antlers themselves show the God’s authority over the self-mastery, control, and wisdom he offers all Seekers of the Light. The Celtic designs carved into the staff and repeated in the trim of Lugh’s clothing remind us of the Sprial dance that we must weave in both the inner and outer realms to attain insight and knowledge. The white and black ravens hovering above Lugh signal the presence of the Goddess. They are messengers of the Spirit and the Land of the Dead, both oracles and teachers of Magick. Acorns in groups of three hand from the branches of the staff; three is a powerful Goddess number and symbolize long life and renewal.

This card tells us that we will come before a person of authority who, if approached in the right manner, will aid us and give us counsel to lead us through hard times. This person may be a spiritual advisor, mentor, judge, attorney, or anyone in a position of authority and power. The person who finds this card in their reading may also recognize reservoirs of power within that aid in situations that call for fearlessness and strength. Seek answers and wise counsel from Spirit or spiritual sources.

May Lugh bless you with strength and enlightenment on your path today!