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Today’s Healing with the Angels card is Listening. This angel flies into our lives to tell us that we are, indeed, receiving messages from the Divine in the form of signs, symbols, ideas, inspirations, dreams, visions, and place of inner truth. This card serves as validation that the messages that you receiving are coming from your guardian angel, your spirit guides, and from the Divine itself. Are you listening for these signs and symbols? Are you acting on them once they come to you? If not, then this is the perfect time to put those dreams in motion. Those ideas and dreams are being supported at this time.

Often when we seek advice from the divine, we become impatient and tend to drown out the subtle ways in which we are being sent guidance. This can be due to pre-drawn conclusions, fears that you are hoping for something that can never be, or guilt that what we want is selfish and we should be focused on others instead of ourselves. Actually, the opposite is true. When we listen to our inner truth and guidance, trust in the Universe, and walk our dreams, we are more able to serve others from a place of joy and abundance, spreading it like wildfire in the hearts of those whose lives we touch.

Here, Spirit is asking us to trust the process and let go of fears and hesitations. You are not crazy; the future you see in your mind can be manifested. Let go and trust that you are being divinely guided to your highest good and follow your intuition, your gut, instead of allowing your mind to take over and talk you out of it. If you feel inclined to call someone, go somewhere, read something, or start something new, embrace that new experience and trust that you are being steered in the right direction.

Today, may you spend time listening to the guidance that is being sent to you and take the first steps toward putting them into action.