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Knight of Disks

Knight of Disks

Today’s card is the Knight of Disks, also known as the Lord of the Fertile Land. Disks represents the Element of Earth which rules over the physical realm and all things in it. Thus it rules over growing things: gardening, farming, animal husbandry, also construction and other forms of physical labor, physical health, child rearing, and the weather. It also rules over the practical side of creating anew maintaining a home, finance, budgeting, banking, and business ownership.

This Knight is all about financial success. In this case, the Knight of disks represents the thoughts of one who is in control of our personal advancement in matters of business or finance. While in some ways we are in control of our own success through hard work, application of sound thought processes, and appropriate time management, in other ways we are not in control of the attitudes, perceptions, and opinions of those around us. This means that while we might think that we are making great use of our time and resources on the job, giving great interviews or representing ourselves in a professional manner, others might disagree simply based on their individual perception of the goals they want to achieve and their personality traits. Not all those who work together are meant to be best friends; not all loan officers really care about your sob story; not all potential employers will be wowed by our charms or experience. And that’s okay, if you can work with the Elements to hedge your bets.

One of the ways to work on aligning the thoughts of others to your financial goal or success is by simply moving your cash drawer, petty cash, or wallet from one place to another. If you are sitting for an interview, looking for a promotion, or applying for a loan, place a coin face up in your wallet or cash box, and ask the Knight of Disks (or the Spirit of Earth) for you to be thought of in a favorable light by the person in charge of the situation. Using a coin with a woman’s face on it (from Canada or England perhaps) will increase the effectiveness if your boss or loan officer is a woman; the same is true for male coins. However, in a pinch, you can use a silver coin for a woman (a dime dating before 1964), or a gold $1 coin for a man. Then put your wallet in a different pocket or move the cash drawer to another spot. This should do the trick!

As with all court cards, this could represent an actual person. He will be older and well off, enjoying the spending of money as much as the earning of it and sharing his good fortune with others. He can also give sound advice when it comes to business and financial matters. This person has deep feelings and opinions but doesn’t wear them on this sleeve. Be sure, though, that he is as dependable as rain when you really need a hand.

On the flip side, this older man could be money fixated. If you know a workaholic that treats people as possessions rather than equals, steer clear and look for other avenues in which to try and excel.

May you be blessed with financial success by making a favorable impression today and always!