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Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Today’s card is the Knight of Cups, also known as the Lord of Waves and Water. Cups represent the Element of Water which rules over the heart and matters of love, friendship, compassion, and healing, charm, beauty, entertainment, and the arts, including the Occult. Thus, while Fire is the Creative Force, Water is the emotion that inspires us to Create. All art forms use symbolism, whether through paint, music, poetry, acting, or dance, which in turn connects with the subconscious mind, where magick occurs.

The principles shared by this Knight have to do with shaking up your love life! Since Cups is the Suit of the Emotions, much of this realm of the Tarot is related to affairs of the heart. While the Knight of Disks is a more suitable card to apply to the finding of a love interest, the Knight of Cups reaches out to us to fix or jumpstart our current relationship. As many of you can attest, I’m sure, love in all its forms is a game of ebb and flow, intense, passionate, and heated at first, then settling into a routine of deeper love which involves caring and concern, compassion and tenderness, and friendship. Unfortunately, this type of relationship often lacks the FIRE that a love relationship needs to stay healthy and active. Otherwise, no matter the beginning, it will settle into a routine of boredom and frustration, one where we forget to overlook the small flaws in our lover that we all have but are hard to live with on a daily basis.

This card tells you that the best way to liven up your love life is to rearrange your bedroom! If your bed currently runs a North to South axis in your house, then try moving it to the East or West Wall. The same is true for those who are on the East-West axis. Try turning your bed to face the North or South. All four of these directions are not necessarily bad, with each have their own energies that feed your dreams while you sleep. If you head is on the Eastern wall, you will tend to experience more astral travel and intuitive dreaming; on the West, rest, healing, and comfort as well as a little love and friendship boost; on the North, deep sleep and renewal as if being wrapped in your Mother’s arms; on the South, a bit of a boost in passion but it also feeds inspiration to create anew into your dreams. Some feel that sleep is the most illusive when one sleeps with the head to the South; ideas keep popping into our heads as we fall asleep and this can cause some to stay up conceptualizing instead of getting a good night’s rest. If nothing else, it will shake things up in the bedroom and break any old energy patterns that might have you ‘stuck’ in a sexual rut.

This card can also indicate for some the presence of an older gentleman in your life, one who is courteous and likable and tends to be interested in the arts, music, poetry, religion or spirituality, etc… This man is easy to trust and equally easy to forgive if he finds that his trust has been misplaced. If you know this man when you see him, give him a hug and ask him to a show! You would be wise to keep such a man in your life whether as lover or friend.

Some may, however, recognize his evil twin, a man who appears to be well versed in these topics as well but is really full of it, willing to say anything for his own self promotion and preservation. He will be sensual, tempting you to throw caution to the wind and live in the moment, but BEWARE! This man is not looking for commitment and will run for the hills when pressed to be the person that he is pretending to be for his own benefit, or worse yet, place the blame for the failure of the relationship squarely on your shoulders.

Today, may you realize that the love of your life is already right beside you and shake things up!