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King of Swords

King of Swords

Greetings, fellow spiritual travelers! I am back from the Last Frontier of Alaska and ready to begin providing you with the Tarot of the Day. As you may recall, I was reading from the Faerie Tarot deck when I left on vacation, so I will continue with that same deck now that I have returned. Also coming back next week will be the Live Feed Tarot Tuesdays. Keep an eye on the FB page for those events; some will be at 10:00am and others will be at 10:00pm depending on my job schedule. I will update on Friday of each week so that you know which time slot to look for on the following Tuesday.

Today’s Faerie Tarot card is the King of Swords. Swords represent the element of Air and rule over the mind, aiding us with analytical thought processes, reasoning, clarity, and intellect. They also guide us with intuition and psychic abilities, the opening of third sight and astral travel. This majestic King embodies power, intelligence, and an untamable will. He holds his sword high indicating his command, authority, and order. This card denotes prudence of thought and action, caution and rigor, and obedience to rules and the natural order of things. This King cuts out the ‘middle man’ of emotion, allowing for clear and concise decision to be made at this time.

This card can represent the need for a clear view of all circumstances surrounding your current issue or concern. It can also be a gentle warning that you are being too analytical, and that a little more heart is needed to fully grasp all aspects of the situation. Have you been overthinking things without trusting your instincts? While logic provides a sense of constancy, a more holistic approach might be called for at this time. As always, this card can also represent an actual person who is able to give sage advice regarding your concerns. If you find that you too emotionally attached to a situation, look to an older man who appears (reappears) in your life at this time to offer you some common sense solutions that will propel you forward.

Today, may you listen closely to worldly advice and guidance from Spirit traveling on the winds of logic and clarity!