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King of Cups

King of Cups

Today’s Faerie Tarot card is the King of Cups. Cups represent the element of Water and, as such, rule over your heart, blood flow, and circulatory system, friendships and romance, healing and compassion, and the flow of the tides as regulated by the Moon, symbol of the Mother. This makes Cups the suit of dreaming and mystery, of how you feel about things regardless of any intellectual information you may have about a person or situation. This feminine energy is nurturing and drives art, music, poetry, and all forms of creative expression.

The King of this suit signals a time of peace and serenity. The fairy king seen here is comforting and calm, placid like the waters he represents. He holds a chalice in his left hand, reminding us of the Holy Grail that gives us eternal life. His presence indicates success in love so, If you have been working on finding or building a loving relationship, the Universe is sending you a big fat YES! Look for a deepening of love for a current flame or the appearance of a new mate that will fill this role in your life. This card also indicates a time of generosity, creativity, beauty, and artistic expression, independence, healing, and regeneration.

It can also indicate the presence of a man in your life, one who is 45-70 yrs. old with light brown hair (if not silver) and green or hazel eyes. This person will provide inspiration as an artistic mentor, or will guide you toward your inner mysteries by revealing a calmness that is inherent in pursuing a monastic path. If you feel tempted to become a member of the clergy, be it minister, priest, or priestess, this card and the person it represents will help you confirm that this is indeed the path that you have been called to walk.

Today, may you be blessed with all the healing, inspiration, and revelation that your heart can fathom.