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Today’s Faerie Tarot card is Judgement, number twenty of the Major Arcana. Holding her trumpet in both hands, this faery/angel is the messenger between Gods and men. She heralds the triumph of Spirit over matter and leads us to renewal by helping us to accept our truth, break from our past, and awaken our consciousness. This angel also calls us to our higher purpose by blowing the trumpet of purity and innocence, allowing us to assume a new and clear energy and perspective when giving rebirth to our soul’s desires.

When this card appears in a reading, it signifies a watershed event that will change us forever. It can also indicate news in the form of a letter or visit that will change our perspective of the situation as it exists. Whatever form this event takes, it ushers in the unforeseen, the unexpected, and indicates success, independence, protection, rebirth, and resurrection.

If you have been feeling like you no longer belong to the ‘land of the living’, expect a spiritual ‘ass kicking’ to snap you back to reality. Difficulty, complications, and mediocrity are often a product of our own disillusionment, uncertainty, and ‘glass half empty’ attitude. This faery is a no-nonsense type of angel and, if this card hits home for you, its because she is tired of your crap. ‘Shit or get off the pot’ as the old saying goes. Now is the time for you to answer the call of Spirit and get on with your new and improved life.

Today, may you answer the trumpet’s call to your renewal, reward, and resurrection.