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Today’s Healing with the Angels oracle card is the last in this deck and is an appropriate topic on which to end. The final card is Intention. Enough cannot be said about the importance of Intention. All energies in the Universe are driven by this force, for energy, in and of itself, is neither positive or negative, it just IS. It is the the force behind it, the fuel if you will, that drives this energy toward a goal or purpose. When we put negative energy out into the Universe, we can anticipate that negative energy will return to us. Likewise, it is also true that if we put positive energy out there, this is what we can anticipate in return.

This card appears to ask us the questions,

“What are you trying to create with your intention?”
“What action can you take to direct this intention in a positive way?”

Take an inventory of your expectations. Weed out any negative energy that exists when considering your goals and desires and work toward infusing your intentions with love, confidence, and passion. When we see ourselves and others as happy and peaceful, that is likely to be the result. The angels, guides, and Gods are here to help you rid yourself of negativity and to empower you with spiritually driven intention at this time. All you have to do is ask and have faith that the answers you receive are coming from Spirit.

Today, and always, may intentions of love and positivity, peace, and happiness flow through you like the waters of life! Blessed Be!