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Ideas & Inspiration

Ideas & Inspiration

Today’s Healing with the Angels oracle card is Ideas & Inspiration. This card comes forth to show you that the ideas and inspirations you have been having lately are not just pipe dreams but actually messages of Divine guidance from the Gods, angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters. You are being asked to have confidence in these thoughts as they are sent in answer to your prayers. Since God is omnipresent, He/She is always inside you, and in fact, is you in the physical world. Any wonderful ideas that you have at this time are. coming straight from Source, so pay attention!

Often we dismiss our thoughts as daydreams or a lack of ‘paying attention’ to what form we think Divine guidance will take. Ask yourself this:

‘Why would the Gods, angels, masters, and guides need to use sideshow tricks to get their message across?’ Or

‘Why not just trust that these ideas have been divinely guided?’

Notice how the cherub is whispering in the ear of the Thinker in this image. Inspiration comes in the form of sparks in the mind and heart, lighting a torch on the path of enlightenment. Once you ‘see the Light’, it is your job to follow it and have faith that you are being guided toward your highest self.

Today, may you follow the ideas and inspirations given to you by Spirit and trust that they are leading you toward your destiny!