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High Priestess & Temperance

High Priestess & Temperance

Today’s Faerie Tarot card of the day is a two-fer. As will happen once in a while when pulling tarot cards, two came to my hand instead of one. This is always divine synchronicity and not a coincidence so I read them together for their total divinatory meaning. Today we have The High Priestess and Temperance, number two and number fourteen of the Major Arcana, respectively.

The High Priestess seen here is an ageless faery priestess. Her gaze is soft so as to draw out hidden feelings and forces She holds the scroll of knowledge and the starry flair behind her head represent her mystical skills. She is the guardian of Truth; she acts with reserve and inspires with prudence, taking her time to connect with her inner Divine Femininity and listen to her Truth.

The Temperance card features a water bearer faery, bring the elements of purification and inspiration. A vital fluid, water provides fertile energy, following its course like the flow of life. This card indicates spontaneity and creative genius, continuity and regeneration, and a capacity to connect with all aspects of existence. This card represents the spread of knowledge and the fusion that occurs between the spiritual and physical worlds. This card also represents the ability to hold oneself in reserve, to not fall victim to overindulgence but to utilize your energies in more positive ways to bring harmony and peace into our lives and practices.

Together these cards tell us that we have been awakened to the path of the Goddess for our highest good. We have the ability to create our own enlightenment by focusing on wisdom and maturity, showing patience and diligence as we study to gain the knowledge that we need to grow. We must remain open to wise counsel and objectivity, and reflect on the direction we want our journey to take. When we remain clear headed and centered in a space of maternal love, we are gifted with hopes realized and positive changes and solutions beginning to manifest in our lives. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of your own impatience or short term whims. Keep your head in the game and your connection to Divinity will become more whole and complete.

Today, may Temperance guide you to become your best High Priestess for the highest good of you and all you touch.