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Healing with the Angels Oracle Deck

Healing with the Angels Oracle Deck

Today, we begin a new series of cards. As a reminder, my intention when shuffling each new Tarot or Oracle deck is that it will fall as a whole vision with each card being relevant for the day on which it is revealed to as many people as possible who might view these posts. Once the deck has been shuffled with this intention, I never reshuffle the deck. Rather, I let it stand as a whole message with many pieces of wisdom to share. 

This time I chose Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue as my Oracle deck for the next 44 days. Each of us has five spirit guides that work with us in various areas of our lives as well as a guardian angel who is charged with protecting us from danger and keeping us aimed toward our divine path. I recently sat with a psychic medium who informed me of the names of my various Spirit guides as well as my guardian angel. This was an opening for me, a gift for me to begin to work with each of these energies specifically, and it has spurred a renewed interest in Angels for me. Therefore, I thought I might share some healing wisdom from the Angels to finish out our summer.

The way in which angels communicate with us is varied but is often accompanied by various visceral experiences, signs, and symbols that acknowledge their presence at your side. As we cover these cards, take a moment to see if the particular angel being featured that day stirs physical or emotional feelings in you. You may also receive guidance from your guardian angel, or these Oracle cards, in the form of thoughts or ideas, visions, dreams (both day and night), an inner or outer voice, or even a smell or taste. If you have any of these experiences, the card is probably speaking to you directly that day, trying to offer a bit of wisdom for you to work from either on that day or going forward in the pursuit of your goals and desires.

Thanks for taking time from your hectic lives to slow down and look for guidance from Spirit. When we act with intention, we change the overall awareness of the Collective Consciousness!

May the angels always protect you and lift you up to the Heavens!