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The Green Man Tree Oracle

The Green Man Tree Oracle

Tarot is one of the oldest art forms in the spiritual realm, having been used since the 15th century to gaze beyond the veil of the conscious mind to reveal hints and clues about our lives, our past experiences, and our possible futures. Yesterday we finished reading from the Shapeshifter deck, a beautiful deck which helped us explore the various energies and attributes one can employ by shapeshifting (merging) with the various other creatures and elements of Nature. As you may have noticed, the Shapeshifter deck employed some variations to the elemental associations in a more traditional tarot. The creators of that deck also added two additional cards to the Major Arcana, their number totaling 24 instead of 22, which is the norm. Still, the deck did follow the format of a standard Tarot deck, having the cards broken into Major Arcana cards and Minors. Those minors were broken into four suits of 14 cards, each suit representing a different element in Nature. In this way, Tarot is a very traditional form way of divining the future and follows certain structures and rules with regard to its use.

Similar to tarot cards, I also read Oracle cards. These cards usually come as a set of 25, however their number can reach as many as 108, the number of the some mala meditation beads. The cards in an Oracle deck represent Universal Themes and ideas upon which to form a vision of the past, present, and desired outcome. The readings are slightly different but have the same result, to provide the querent (customer) with knowledge that will aid them in making informed decisions about their lives. Additionally, Oracle cards are definitely more free-form than the Tarot. Basically, the Creators of this style of divinatory tool can make the rules up as they are called to during the creation of the imagery, definitions, and associations as warranted by the theme of the deck itself. In this way, no two Oracle decks are the same, nor are they similar to the Tarot except in the realm of mechanics.

Those who have known me for quite a long time will attest to the fact that I like to shake things up once in a while. Looking at a familiar task from a different angle or through someone else’s eyes can often add more depth to the knowledge that you have already acquired regarding that task or subject matter. So, I n the spirit of ‘shaking it up’, today I have selected the Green Man Tree Oracle deck to use for the next phase of our journey. This is an inspiring deck of 25 cards that is comprised of different creatures of the forest; like the Ents of Tolkien lore, these mighty creatures have something to share with us regarding our actions, motivations, and insights. Mostly, they cause us to look at Nature in a more sentient manner; some may see for the first time while others will see from a fresh perspective the living entities that we share our journey with here on Mother Earth! However you see them, I hope you enjoy your trip through the forest and that your experience there leads you to a higher understanding of yourself and the Divine.

Tomorrow, we will begin this new phase of our journey by learning more about the Green Man Tree Oracle and we will read our first card,

The White Poplar!

Bright Blessings!