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Goddess of Fire

Goddess of Fire

Today’s card is the Fourteen of Fire (Swords), also known as the Goddess of Fire, Brigid. In a traditional deck this card would be the King of Air. However, in this deck, Swords represents Fire, the Spirit, and rules over creation, sexual passion, and purging. The Goddess and God of each suit come into our lives to offer divine intervention or communication; the Goddess is in the prime position in each suit just as the Goddess was seen as the Primordial Creator in ancient Celtic worship.

This Goddess is Brigid, the Bride of Nature, representing the sacred and eternal flame. She is the daughter of the Dagda, the ‘Good God’ of the Tuatha De Dannan. Am ancient Goddess of the Perpetual Fire, her flame is said to be fed with hawthorn and never allowed to go out. Only once each year, on Imbolc (February 2nd), the hearth fires would be allowed to die low so that they could be re-kindled from this sacred flame, thus blessing the home for another year. Brigid also rules over cattle and crops, the household arts (cooking, child rearing, etc…), smithcraft, poetry, culture, fertility, medicine, and wisdom.

The keywords for this card are Renewal, Empowerment, Insight, and The Creative Flame. The Goddess of Fire appears to be rising from a pool of liquid fire; she is holding a flaming arrow in her human hand as she shifts shape into a cougar, representing leadership and skills of perception. Her long honey-colored hair is streaked with red, brown, and black, and it flows and weaves into the fur of the powerful animal she is becoming. Her skin appears to glow with the fire but she does not burn. Symbolic of the World Tree, a mighty oak rises in the background, and she pours out from it as a being of spirit. A molten stream of lave flows by the oak and the woman rises from the very core of the Earth from where the energies of Nature spring.

The Goddess of fire represent a strong and powerful woman who is comfortable in her own skin. She is sensual without being obvious; she owns her sexuality and strength. She is keen, warm, curious, and quick-witted and can reach the ability to counsel and consult others, sharing wisdom while also showing you how to seek wisdom when necessary as well as accept it when offered. Drawing this card signals a need to develop your abilities as an impartial observer. Focus of clear, objective, and centered thoughts, and allow the all-seeing subconscious mind to guide you. Regardless of gender, allow your feminine self to the the lead at this time. This will release the Fire goddess within. Dare to remember who you really are, and put your talents and abilities on display. The Goddess of Fire holds the sacred and eternal flame that perpetuates and informs matter, often cutting through the illusions of life. Fire is a weapon and an ally depending on your interaction with it!

May you be reborn like the Phoenix, allowing the Goddess of Fire to consume all your imperfections and forge a more magickal YOU!