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Goddess of Earth

Goddess of Earth

Today’s card is the Fourteen of Earth (Pentacles/Disks), also known as the Goddess of the Earth, Danu. While in a standard tarot deck this card would be the King of Pentacles or Disks, the Shapeshifter Tarot places the Goddess as the highest court card in each of the four minor suits. The God and Goddess of each suit usually represent divine intervention or communication in some form. The Goddess, Danu, is the ancestral Great Mother of the Celtic people and mother of the Tuatha De Dannan, a superior race of people that possessed extreme intelligence and artistic skill who were later transformed into the Damien Sidhe, the faery folk. Danu, also known as Dana, Anu, and Don, is a Goddess of the Underworld and Fertility, making her an Earth Mother. In her honor, the Celts called the constellation, Cassopeia, a five-pointed star (pentacle), by the name Llys Don, Danu’s House.

Pictured here, the Goddess Danu is seen shapeshifting into a Hare-woman in a garden of Earthly delight. Wound about her wrist is a living golden serpent, symbol of the power of the Sun; the coiling of the snake reminds us of the DNA helix that comprises all things in the Universe. Bright eyes flash from her half-human, half-hare face, and her hair is streaked with white, indicating the wisdom that She possesses. The hare is legendary for having formed, ordered and enlarged the Earth and is ritually hunted on May Day, also known as Beltane. The shapeshifter is wearing a multi-colored cloak held together by a trefoil clasp; this represents the Goddess in all her forms. A birdbath with three carved faces is pictured with a small white bird perched on it sits at her side. This represents Rebirth and Plenty. From its base springs forth life; dancing faeries and a pomegranate tree are seen in the background. Pomegranates, because of their color and their many seeds, are seen as a sign of fertility and climbing red and white roses, representing the purity of love, are seen covering her gown as well as the Earth beneath her feet. A lone raven, another symbol of the Goddess, is seen flying above the scene.

The Goddess of Earth can represent an actual woman, one of generosity, wisdom, and practical influence in your life will appear in your life. This woman is usually a mother or grandmother that can be teach you new patterns of behavior and positive structures in your life. You are being called to learn understanding and control while affirming and expressing your earthy nature. Networking with people who share similar ideas for creativity and vision will aid you professionally; use your talents to the best of your ability and it will benefit you personal life as well by allowing you to form new bonds of friendship and team spirit. Evidence of a good harvest well earned are on the horizon. This is providing with a sense of security in the home and career aspects of your life. A card of roots, this may also signal a family reunion, connections being re-established with loved ones, or unknown family history being revealed.

May you find that you are gifted with renewal from your female ancestors in the form of dreams or gifts today!