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God of Water

God of Water

Today’s card is the Thirteen of Water (Cups), also known as the God of Water or Manannan Mac Lyle. In the traditional tarot deck, this card would be the Queen of Water. However, in the Shapeshifter Tarot, the court cards have been altered; the Goddess (King) has been used as the highest of the court cards while the God (Queen) is the second in power. This subtle change follows the tradition practiced by the creators of this beautiful deck. Further, the God and Goddess of this deck represent divine intervention or communication. The element of Water itself rules over matters of the heart, emotions, friendships and romantic love, compassion, healing, and intuition.

The God of Water, Manannan Mac Llyr is pictured here as a magnificent, sleek, muscular Shapeshifter in the form of a great sea serpent. His dark hair streaked with red, he wears an aquamarine cloak edged in gold and a golden headband adorned with chevron symbols nad spirals. He carries two carved spears as if they were scepters. Some legends report that mankind came from the island of Mona, the land named for the God Manannan, the magickal God of travel and navigation. Keeper of many magickal objects, including a spear, a wand, and several swords. This shapeshifter represents the concept that the manifest universe rises forth from the un-manifested.

A large flowering tree, symbolic of the World Tree (Tree of Life) stands near the shoreline. AS the woman changes form into the Apple Tree, she rises out of the water, symbolic of the unconscious. Her roots thread down into the water and she is merging with the master Shapeshifter, her open arms showing love that has transcended the physical realm and entered the spiritual and sacred realms, for it is wen the conscious and unconscious meet that magick takes place and your life becomes synchronistic.

Today, look for an intense man with dark hair and eyes to enter your sphere. This man will possess great perception and magickal ability and seeks to help or advise you. Make an effort to be open to emotional rewards and opportunities that come your way via this mechanism. Kindness and liberality are emphasized during this time of giving and receiving comfort and love. The God of Water brings generosity, personal commitment, loyalty, unconditional love and divine rapport.

You will also be drawn to the people whom you love and positively regard. Diving into the masculine polarity of the soul, swim willingly into the dynamic mature masculine energy within. Being emotionally spontaneous and expressing yourself sensually, you may become curious about tantra or sex magick. Allow yourself to experience the spiritual ecstasy of integrating your spiritual side with the creative mental thought and physical passion. Your shapeshifting talent is ready to be developed.

May you find the shape of your greatest desire and may your shift be a smooth one!