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God of Air

God of Air

Today’s card is number Thirteen of Air (Wands), also known as the God of Air (Gwydion), or the Prince of the Powers of Air. This card is typically called the Queen of Wands and is associated with Fire or Spirit in a more traditional tarot deck. However, in the Shapeshifter deck, the suit of Wands is associated with Air/Mental Powers. The God known by the Celts as Gwydion is seen here, shapeshifting from man to peregrine falcon. The Lord Gwydion is known as a Healer and Hero, and he who bestowed gifts from the Gods to mankind; he is also said to have brought swine from the underworld to feed his children. Gwydion, son of Don (the Great Mother), he is the brother of Amaethon, Gobannon, and Arianrhod, and his two sons are named Dylan (Shapeshifter of the Sea) and Llew (Shapeshifter of the Air). In Celtic legend, the powerful wizard, Math, son of Mathonwy, passes down his magickal knowledge and abilities down to his student and nephew, Gwydion. He is credited with April Fool’s Day, named so because he fooled Arianrhod into bestowing arms on his son, Llew.

As the God of Air, he holds the most highly prized of the musical instruments, the Magickal Harp which represents the voice of the Gods. He is seen with a cloak made of the Milky Way; this trail in the sky is said to have been created by Gwydion as he looked for his son, Llew, who has transformed into the shape of an eagle to save himself from murder. His blue-gray tunic has the emblem of a horse on it, a symbol of the Goddess, and is edged with Celtic Spirals, representing the eternal nature of life, death, and rebirth.

This card can represent a man of honesty and conscientiousness, one who is willing to render kind services to the seeker. It can also represent a time of changing perceptions and deep personal insight; it is time to focus on spiritual growth and evolution. If you find that you are inspired to purpose and application, now is the time to allow for inner and outer shifts in perception; you may even have a vision or dream of your next move. Mobilize your energy and actualize your vision! This shift will affect you regardless of your awareness of it, but if you actively work on heightening your mastery of vision questing, you may find a deeper sense of understanding and connection to your authentic self. The God of Air will lead to a better knowledge of others as well, leading to a life lived to its fullest. This card can also bring notice of unexpected benefit to your marriage or it can signal eloquence in the arts. If you are a creator, now is the time to get in the groove!

May you find that someone has come into your life just in time to push your dreams into reality and may you find that your reality is more than just a dream for the future: It is NOW!