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Today’s Healing with the Angels oracle card is Freedom. In this life we are presented with opportunities to choose freedom over slavery (actual or imagined), oppression, and obligation. While often we feel that we are not able to do what we want because of our obligation to others, we have chosen to place ourselves in the position of taking on this responsibility. When we took a job, we decided to accept the obligation of arriving on time and working to the best of our ability to meet someone else’s standards. When we decided to get married, or form any relationship, we took on the obligation to consider another person’s opinions or feelings into consideration when making future decisions. When we decided to become parents, we chose to obligate ourselves to the care and nurturing of another human life.

Each day in life, we are given the opportunity to choose:

*Do I go back to work today or quit and find a new job?
*Do I love and honor this person/relationship or do I end it and seek a return to self?
*Do I put my feet on the floor at all or do I lie here and succumb to the negative feelings that are creeping in, threatening to enslave me in the throws of depression?

The angels, spirit guides, and Gods/Goddesses are here to let us know that Freedom is always in our reach! While we may have responsibilities and obligations, we can choose happiness, we can choose prosperity, we can choose love, we can choose sober judgement, we can choose to embrace wisdom from the Divine that allow us to align with our Truth. If you are feeling trapped right now, ask them now for their loving touch and they will show you one of two things:

*A way out of your situation or into a better one
*A way to recapture the joy and happiness that has gone out of the current situation

Once this opportunity presents itself, it will be up you to notice it and embrace it.

Today, may you begin to freely live and express your true feelings and ideas with love and joy!