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Fourteen of Water

Fourteen of Water

Today’s card is the Fourteen of Water (Cups), also known as the Goddess of Water, Branwen. In a standard tarot deck, this card would be the King of Cups. However, in the Shapeshifter Tarot, the Goddess is always used as the highest of the court cards in each of the minor arcana. Water is the element of emotions and the heart, friendship and romantic love, self love and happiness, compassion and healing. The Gods and Goddesses of this deck come forward to offer divine communication or intervention of some kind.

Known as the Venus of the Northern Seas, Branwen of the Welsh tradition is seen here shapeshifting into a graceful swan. Also associated with the Three Matriarchs of Britain and the Lady of the Lake, she was a Goddess of beauty, intuition, and the spiritual side of psychic ability. As she rises from the depths of the water, representing universal possibilities and well as endless power to create, she allows her body and spirit to flow effortlessly into the swan-form.

Swans symbolize the ability to interpret the concealed meanings in dreams, expand psychic talent into the higher realms of the spiritual, and see clearly into the future. The feathers that drape over her body and enclose one arm represent the advancement of secret wisdom and the truth behind reincarnation. The swan’s ability to fly signifies lifting the spirit into the higher realms and the initiate or seeker can access powerful spiritual knowledge that is not available to or known by those who do not seek enlightenment. The lilies that fall from her body and float on the water are symbols of the spiritual purity that can only be gained by acknowledging as speaking with the Universal Mother. The guiding light of the stars above can be seen as the Otherworld beacons that lead the initiate on astral journeys.

The keywords for this card are Psychic Wisdom, Devotion, and Knowledge. This card is here to let us know that the time has come to choose to strengthen the spiritual path that you have chosen to follow. Connecting with the Goddess and her power will lift you above the everyday problems in your life. Dreams and your own psychic abilities and intuition will show you how to make positive changes to your spiritual path and enhance your spiritual beliefs. Glimpses of past lives at this time may help you understand the lessons that need to be learned in this lifetime and what things you need to do to make a better life for yourself will become clear.

May you immerse yourself in the waters of dreams and visions and follow the path that leads to a better life!