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Fourteen of Air

Fourteen of Air

Today’s card is the Fourteen of Air (Wands), also known as Arianrhod, Goddess of Air. In the traditional tarot deck this card would be the King of Wands and this suit would be associated with Fire. However, the Shapeshifter Tarot uses the suit of Wands to represent Air. Air rules over mental process and analytical thinking, intelligence and insight, third sight and psychic abilities, communication, and dreams. It is also important to note that the Goddess and God of each suit come into our lives to offer divine intervention or communication. The Goddess is in the prime position in each suit just as the Goddess was seen as the Primordial Creator in ancient Celtic worship.

Arianrhod is a Welsh star and moon deity. While she is a beautiful and loving Goddess, she is also call the Silver Wheel because the dead were carried on her Oar Wheel to Emania, the moon-land or Land of Death which she is known to rule as the Goddess of reincarnation and Karma. The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess in Wales as well, her palace was called Caer Arianrhod (Aurora Borealis), the secret place of each initiate’s spiritual being. In this scene, the Goddess is shapeshifting into a large white owl, symbolic of wisdom, moon magick, death, renewal, and initiations. It is the only predator that can kill a hawk in mid flight, doing so only at twilight time which is considered a time ‘between the worlds’.

The Goddess can see each of us; just as the owl sees through the darkest of night, so She sees into our darkest subconscious and the depths of our soul. Pictured here, the feathers of her wings are repeated on her breast and upper arms. The wings are spread wide with comfort and healing for those who seek Her. Framing her face and hair are the branches of the alder tree, symbol of spiritual knowledge. Behind her are stars, representing guideposts in the initiate’s journey, and a comet streaks past, signifying that moment us events are on the horizon. As her feet prowls a black cat; he is symbolic of the deeper magick and wisdom that are hidden from the uninitiated. She floats above a field of daisies representing rebirth and new cycles of thinking or being; being an integral part of Nature itself, the flowers are becoming part of Her graceful robes as well.

This card puts us on notice that a moment of Karmic balance is coming; it could be either positive or negative but it is necessary to maintain the balance of the Universe. Prepare yourself to sweep away old patterns and learn to go with the flow of the new and incoming ones. This is time for magickal and spiritual growth in power. Transformation in your life will put you on a path of forward growth and reward.

May you find that new patterns are pushing you to grow into your best self yet!