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Four of Swords

Four of Swords

Today’s card is the Ten of Swords, also known as the Lord of Ruin. Swords represent the Element of Air which rules over the mind and intellect, logic, wisdom, knowledge, and Magick. It also rules over all forms of communication, including spell casting and divination in all its forms. Air rules over astrology as well because this system uses mathematics and alphabetical symbols to gain knowledge of the planets and how their movements affect us here on Earth.

This card in a reading is never positive as it symbolizes, for some, the disruption of plans or goals. These disruptions can take different forms; perhaps the paperwork that you need to continue your project has been held up for some reason, weather, workforce, and because Air is the Element of communication, breakdowns at the individual and group level. These disruptions can be overcome with hard work and determination.

This card can also warn of long-term failure if you have not laid a good foundation in the beginning stages of your work. It asks you to take a good hard look at whether you are a victim of your own break with reality. Ask yourself:

“Which of MY thoughts, opinions, or actions are self-destructive in nature? Am I my own worst enemy because I refuse to look at things for another perspective? Am I living in a Truth that no longer applies to the present?”

If you cannot do this, then this failure will come out of the sky like Halley’s comet, burning away your delusions until they are in ash at your feet!

This card can also be associated with deliberate attempts to damage your reputation, accidents, mugging, violence, and unforeseen calamity. Extra caution should be taken to be aware of your interactions and surroundings at this time. Be a bit more cautious than usual, and try to avoid being out alone at night or without your phone. You never know when a quick call to 911 or a friend or loved one could save you a lot of misfortune, pain, and heartache.

May you safely go throughout your day today with no incidents to report! Blessed Be!