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Four of Swords

Four of Swords

Today’s card is the Four of Swords, also known as the Lord of Truce. Swords represent the Element of Air which rules over the mind and intellect, logic, wisdom, knowledge, and Magick. Air rules over all forms of communication, including spell casting and divination in all its forms. It also rules over astrology as this system uses mathematics and alphabetical symbols to gain knowledge of the planets and how their movements affect us here on Earth. This Element also controls our intuition, insight, psychic ability, and third sight. It enables us to see what cannot be seen by normal means.

This card signifies a shift in our attitude toward occult and metaphysical endeavors. Often, in times of stress, disaster, or financial woe, illness or death, we begin to look for solutions or comfort in a higher power. We see that the systems that have been put in place by those around us, spiritually, don’t seem to be working to alter or improve the situation or offer the needed solution or resolution that we are seeking. This can result in a broadening of perspective and allow us to explore more possible answers to questions we may have never asked before. While sometimes this can include alternative healing approaches when faced with physical illness, other times it can offer new ways to look at how we engage the Divine, how we bond with people, how we love ourselves, and how we grow our own self confidence and power as sacred beings. It definitely teaches us to test the waters and decide using our own knowledge and experience rather than trusting blindly in another’s ‘expert’ advice.

When this card appears in a reading, it comes to signal a period of recuperation from illness of some kind or a change for the better. This can take the form of actual recovery from illness or it can indicate that you have weathered a storm and are in for sunnier days. It can also bring a relief from short term anxiety that has been pressing you of late. Now would be a good time to do some meditation or to take some time for personal renewal in order to take full advantage of this upward trend.

On the flip side, it can indicate the need for a trip to the hospital. If you indeed ill, and you are just too stubborn to go to the doctor, now is the time to get your ass in gear! As much as we would all like to be strong and brave, sometimes we need to reach out and let others help us.

May you be blessed with good health and better fortune today and always!