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Four of Cups

Four of Cups

Today’s card is the Four of Cups, also known as the Lord of Pleasure. Cups represent the Element of Water which rules over the heart and matters of love, friendship, compassion, and healing, charm, beauty, entertainment, and the arts, including the Occult. Thus, while Fire is the Creative Force, Water is the emotion that inspires us to Create. All art forms use symbolism, whether through paint, music, poetry, acting, or dance, which in turn connects with the subconscious mind, where magick occurs.

This card is actually not as cheerful as one might gather from its name. It is here to tell us that pleasure is a fleeting state, with the ability to be both short lived and cloying when achieved for too long a time. For some, this brings a close to a period of pleasure or enjoyment; this can ark something as simple as the end of your vacation or something more complex such as a period of relaxation and reward ending now and a new more stressful period in your life being on the horizon.

For some, this card can also speak to your love life and matters of the heart. The interaction created by introducing your new love to your best friend at this time can have one of two outcomes; the first is that you and your friend are so much alike that your love interest falls for them instead, the second equally likely scenario is that they will meet and instantly not like each other. A third possibility is less likely but can also appear in your life as the loss of a friendship via choice, i.e. where one of you drops out or is moving away. The loss of a distant relative, often older, that also occur at this time if you are on the high of a new relationship.

On the flip side, this card can also indicate that you are stuck in a pattern of lethargy, not able to make any action happen to improve your situation because you can’t make up your mind. Give it another try! Think about your situation in different ways and ask for advice. Choosing not to decide is still a choice but one that gives over control to others instead of yourself. Perhaps it is time to take back control of your decisions, putting fear and laziness to the side.

May you have faith today that all things happen in their own time and that this too shall pass.