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Four of Cups

Four of Cups

Today’s card is the Four of Cups, also known as Bowls or Chalices. This suit represents the emotional aspects of life — feelings, love, romance, friendship, compassion and healing. The Four of this suit refers to a restless time, where a person may have become dissatisfied with life’s tedium and emotionally uncomfortable in your current relationships whether they be with friends or possibly a lover or spouse. Feeling stagnated, longing for change, the heart ponders its options … as it should. Stagnation leads to dis-ease and eventually death if not addressed and eliminated. 

This card is asking you to take a look at what ha caused you to feel this way. Renounce the circumstances that have brought your relationship to a standstill. Take a clear look at why you have stalled or become ‘distracted’. Are you doing your best to meet your friend or lover half way? You may be bogged down by negativity, hopelessness or a sense of limitation. This feeling is not to your advantage, however, as it causes you to see the world through a narrow lens. Cut through some of the forces that are undermining you or causing doubt in your relationship.

Sometimes you have to define what you are “for” by defining what you are “against.” You are not as heavy as the cup of Earth, nor placid as the cup of Water, not turbulent as the cup of Air. Rather, now is the time to be as aroused as the cup of Fire. This arousal can take two forms:  liberation from the circumstances that may have brought you here or a renewal of passions that have become dormant in your relationship. It is up to you to feed the one that you desire.

Today, may you become unstuck and embrace your passionate side again!