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Today’s Healing with the Angels card is Focus. In life, and in spirituality, we get what we expect. While thought (creation of idea) would appear to be the first step in manifestation, it is actually the second. The decision to think something is the first. From our core, our beliefs about ourselves and the way things work (possibilities) are making decisions that drive our thought processes. If we believe that that the world is a loving and abundant place, then we think about how to enact that love and abundance. If we believe that the world is harsh, a place of fear or lack, then we think about how to enact that as well. This may seem counterproductive but it is the way we ‘work’.

Be aware that no thoughts are neutral. They either put out negative or positive energy that begins to manifest in the outer and inner realms. When we focus inward, we find the perfect infallible mind of God (Spirit). We can learn to practice thinking from this space, embracing all that the angels and guides are driving us toward, a state of higher consciousness and light. Focusing on the thoughts that come from this space within can bring about love, positivity, inspiration, and insight. This, in essence, puts us back in the driver’s seat of our lives.

Right now, this moment, is the time to start changing your focus. You are being supported by the angels, guides, and Gods to practice radical belief in yourself and the greater design of the Universe. Each day, affirm that you are walking the path of light by saying these (or similar) words:

“I am a divine spark of the Light. I hold only thoughts of love and growth. As I work with Spirit, and the angels and guides, I will manifest energy for only those actions that are aligned with the highest good of myself and others.”

When combined with the two previous days’ cards, Study and Listening, this is a powerful combination! Study to gain knowledge, listen to gain wisdom, and focus only on what you want to manifest in your life to put that knowledge and wisdom into action. Then your life will truly be love-centered.

Today, may you be focus in on your blessings and decide to be a creature of Light!